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It Can Get Better (The Singles EP)

by Apollo's Sun

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Verse 1: On February 21st, my life snapped I gave so many years away, I’ll never get back Now I’m looking forward at a portrait that is hard to see I’m asking everybody that I love, “What is wrong with me?” I’m looking to the left, looking to the right I’m looking at myself in the mirror just like I wanna fight This darkness that I carried, I have buried in the back of my mind Next to the real estate that is prime Then it opened up, every unspoken cut, opened eyes sewn shut, so what? Baby boy, grow up (yea) So now I’m getting grown And I’m spitting every written ’til they’re smitten when it hits home (yea) It can only get better And I’m looking at these angels like I need a love letter Better wear a sweater, cuz we going down the rabbit hole It’s been 5 years since I touched base with your soul (and I’m back!) Verse 2: Dated Lizzy for awhile, yea, now we’re cool But this other chick fucked up my shit and set a fire too Deep within the ashes, guess a lion grew Found papyrus, now my ions wear an iron suit When class is in session, you better find a stoop When rhyming I’m priming so when it’s time to shoot I never miss, a severed kiss, made me be a better gift To every person in my path until I crash into a cliff I’m back, and I got nothing left to lose I’m a wrecking ball so I’m wrecking any record that I choose My method is collecting all defective hues To paint a picture to relate until my soul renews It’s overdue, now respect is what I gotta earn Been writing tragic pages, setting flames, they gotta burn Into urns, (no pause) then buried underneath a tree So when the seed grows, it’s the lesson that you see (I’m back) Verse 3: I spent too many years weathered tears on my face With a mask and brace, feeling like a dying flower in a vase Maybe it was fate, maybe it was not Maybe I am crazy, maybe I’m the one that God forgot Maybe I’m the person that I always wished I was I write because I hurt, so in my verse, I’m always spitting blood (ha) Forgetting what my mission was Repositioned my vision so now I’m getting buzzed Off the love, and all the people that surround me It took a long time, dog, but now I found me Fuck the past, and all the shit in which she promised Every single word that came out her mouth was never honest Now I’m feeling solace in this empty bed where I sleep You reap what you sow, and you sow what you reap All this talk is cheap, and you’re racking up the bills I’m in a higher bracket now, I’m rapping with a quill Hook (x2): It can only get better, it will never get worse (So I) Punch through the sky demanding my worth (And now I) See through the shit damaging me In the place of a child is the man you see
Verse 1: I’m told that I should smile more, I know that I should And if I didn’t have a missing tooth, just know that I would I know my eyes are alive, but often look at the ground I’m scared and shook, they’d compare the books that we bound I know it’s stupid, it sounds, just like the musings of clowns But every word within my music is like shooting off rounds Releasing truth with the hounds, when they pounce on the prey The prey see themselves doing battle with themselves every day I’ve got plenty even with an empty page I dance with my devils ’til we center in a empty stage I’m sick of seeing grey, I’ll do better So if I gotta sing the blues, I think I’ll choose new weather I cannot measure up to standards that I’ve set, I refuse to pay to Iive when we live to pay debt But, it’s a safe bet, brain chained to lame threats I’ll kill the snake that’s been sent to drain my veins next Verse 2: See my depression is a real thing, but so are the smiles Since I been sober, I’m like “wow, I’ve been sober awhile” No more emotional child, (who) lets emotions get wild No more fighting for the people that hang up when you dial They say that life is a trial, some times it’s light and then dark Sometimes a knife is what it takes to bring life to our heart So with this mic I will start I spit the real shit with ease And I hope ya’ll really feel it but I’m not here to please I’m only curing disease, that is my purpose with these, bars That leave trees carved with deep hearts that bleed I believe I’m getting smarter, and learned to let go It starts with a single step, take that single step slow Don’t linger in the hex, with anger on your breath Cuz words can either heal or lead the herd to certain death Release the hurt instead, keep the cold lessons close Cuz with every blessing is a message that we loathe, so we go… Verse 3: I cheated in my mind because I knew I didn’t love I spent too many years using women as my drug I was dumb, co-dependent, but depending on the day I would either pull people in or push em all away (say) I try every motherfucking day to break the chains This life is such a vicious cycle that I can’t explain Whose mechanics got abandoned in my brain I need to reset or eject from the plane It’s a game, it’s a shame that certain people vanish Every lesson is a blessing even if it causes damage (so) Grab a bandage, try to manage not to look at time Clean or cook, read a book, see between the lines I’m re-defined, let this preacher speak his mind And if you choose not to listen turn your speaker to the side I found a deeper pride, recognize truth I’m confessing my aggression when I step into the booth, so I… Hook (x2): I’ll keep fighting I’ll keep fighting for Sun shine on my face, Sun light on my porch I’ll keep walking I’ll keep walking toward A brighter day, the past ignored (my life restored)


released October 18, 2021

Beats: J. Boom
Recorded by: Brad Knaub II
Mixed/Mastered by: Derek Euston @ Green Room Recording Studio (www.facebook.com/GRRecordingStudio/)
Cuts: Hellee Hooper
Backup Vocals: Phat Hentoff
Violins: ??? (It's our secret)
Vinyl release courtesy of Wondertone Records


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Apollo's Sun York, Pennsylvania

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